Friday, 27 October 2017

My answer to a man with an opinion..

My answer to a man with an opinion

(Dear Abby: If you read the papers as well as write for them, you saw the article about the judge who gave a husband permission to spank his wife when she needed it. All I can say is that It's about time. I was about to think women were taking over the country. If more men turned their wives over their knees and showed them who was the boss, society would be in better shape. Spanking should be legalized everywhere. - One man's opinion)

Dear man with an opinion: Oh, of course! I agree completely with that idea! You absolutely should spank your wife from time to time.

Moreover, it would be better if you spank her every morning before drinking coffee and having breakfast. She will eventually realize that this is actually some sort of reward for her. Because she is your wife. No one else but yours! Yours!

It will be clear very soon that she is happier and more efficient in her duties as a wife, a mother and as a human being if you treat her in such a way. And all of that thanks to you!
As I think a little better, she should be thankful for that precious new sense of purpose you gave to her.

Well, it is possible she will smash you the first time you try to spank her but do not worry. The plan is basically pretty good. Women are the problem. They simply cannot understand what is for their own good.

The trip from Texas to Niš is not too far from our hearts

In fact, it was Sandra’s fault. She invited me for a cup of coffee.

I was moody and tired that day and unable for action after dinner. But, that lady is something special for me and I just, without much thinking, rushed downstairs and went out.

- Do you want a cup of coffee right now or we can go to our little park, she asks me naively, giving me her favorite skirt and blouse she likes most.

-Put it on. You can’t go out wearing these ruined pants to meet the foreigners.

-Foreigners? Which foreigners? And my pants are just fine. That was my cat, Clementine. She sharpened her claws on them.

- I'm interviewing some great people from children's camp and their friends from Texas. You just can’t imagine what a great family they are.

Who knows Sandra, knows that everything is great for her. I believed that she somehow had found some boring folks and wanted that interview only because they were Texans. At that moment nothing was significant for me. I just wanted to sleep and drink my coffee.

Ignoring my grumbling, she started to put on me a blouse and only laughed at my remark that she wears clothes two sizes smaller than me.

- Don’t worry. It's large for me. It is perfect for you. Believe me!

Denis the Menace!

Anyway, for the moment I was sitting in a coffee shop, chatting with a brilliant camera operator who was supposed to record the interview and couple of Slovaks who decided to move to Niš, just like me. Every summer they organize summer children's camp on a large estate arranged like those in the West.

But, the biggest surprise was the family of Texans. Gwyn talked as if he had just jumped out of a cowboy movie, but without Stetson. However, he was tall and slim and hardly resembled the stereotype of "fat, noisy Texan with a hat" I had in my head.

And Cyndi..uhh..

You know a well-known story about an American plastic, professional smile which is not from the soul like ours is. Well, my dears, that American girl was certainly not from that story. A million dollars smile was shining on her face and spreading joy to everyone with whom she talked to.

The pure beauty of life.

This unusual eight-member family lives on Gwyn’s pension and spends all free time singing to people with Alzheimer's disease. Their Bluegrass causes reactions even to people with an advanced stadium of that horrible disease.

They came to Serbia for the first time three years ago. Since then they have participated in the workshops in summer camps, teaching children to sing, play and rejoice in life. Cyndi also has held free classes for children who want to play the ukulele. Every child who completes the course gets one instrument as a present.

We spent hours talking about everything. Among other things, I mentioned that I've been a member of the group “Help for vulnerable citizens of Nis”. We just started with our new action Chepening. We collect bottle caps, and after recycling them, we buy wheelchairs for people in need.

The reaction was immediate.

- We can collect bottle caps too, and we will bring them to you next year.

I was really touched. But I was not prepared for the next sentence.

- If you agree, I will ask our priest and the whole our community. We can collect bottle caps for you in our church on Sundays.

Do I agree?

I was speechless. I didn't ask how she imagines bringing all those bottle caps from Texas to Niš.

But, she is the women who gave birth to six children and taught them to go through life with music and love. She flew half of the world to study other people's children to play this unusual instrument during the whole month without payment. She came to see Niš and in a second decided to play to people in the park for the pure pleasure. Well, she can handle a small problem such as moving large bags full of bottle caps all over the ocean.

I love you, Cyndi. You are an amazing woman.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Срби као историјски пример самопоништења..

Рођена сестра моје нане се удала за Србина, јединог претеклог члана породице испод усташког ножа. Сви до једног су завршили у некој од бројних јама у Лијепој њиховој..

Као официр, чика Богдан је мењао градове по налогу службе, па га је моја баба-тетка пратила и тако обишла добар део те наше бивше државе.. Изродили су двоје деце. Кћер и сина. Изродили, а боље да нису, када већ морам да лајем..

Када је кћер оцу саопштила да се удаје за Хрвата, чика Богдан је пресвиснуо. Молио је своју мезимицу, причао. Али, није вредело, као што су залуд биле и приче о усташком зулуму који је преживео, а за које је од детињства знала. За њу су то биле бесмислице из давне прошлости..

Да зло буде веће, будући зет је био пандур..

Недуго затим се оженио и син. За своју сапутницу је изабрао Муслиманку. Само њу и ни једну више..
Чика Богдан више није имао речи.. Ћутао је, о свом јаду забављен, надајући се да неће доживети да се покају..

Залуд нада. Деведесете су лупале на врата а звери су се пробудиле и изгмизале из дубина у које су згуране пола века раније..

Зет пандур је у међувремену постао начелник полиције и један од главешина злокобних Зенги. Оба сина, чика Богданова унука, су са поносом, као ЧИСТОКРВНИ и ПРАВИ синови "неовисне Хрватске" постали чланови ЗНГ и узели пушке у руке.

Чика Богданов син, будући да је живео у Сарајеву са тазбином, сасвим природно и опуштено је на главу ставио зелену берету..као прави истински Муслиман..

Брат ми је добар део младости провео на ратишту, што као редован војник, што након мобилизације, у рату који Србија није водила. Често је умео да позове да му донесем пљуге и нож који је крио у посебном делу ормана. Заузврат ми је остављао документа која није смео са собом да носи.

Колико пута се на линији раздвајања преко нишана гледао са родом рођеним, никада нећемо сазнати..
С обзиром да су се сви живи вратили кућама, никада нико није ни потезао то питање..
Али се више никада нисмо видели нити реч разменили..
Чика Богдан је тихо, без речи ископнио и само се угасио попут догореле свеће..

Не требају нама Србима непријатељи. Ми смо генетски деформисани и уклети да сами себе уништавамо до границе самопоништавања..
Жао ми је чека Богдане..и Вас и оних сличних Вама који су избегли јаму да би им рођена деца са радошћу ускочила у исту, пљунувши пре тога на своје претке, своју крв и све људско у себи..

Monday, 23 October 2017

Freelancing as a new way of life

These days, freelancing is becoming a more and more common practice because of the simple fact people get to ditch the routinely 9 to 17 schedule. In many studies, the freelancer market has shown rapid growth.

A freelancer is self-employed person offering services, usually to businesses and often to multiple clients at a time. The type of work freelancers do vary. Nearly every type of service a business would need could be provided by a freelancer including social media marketing, copywriting, writing articles and blog posts, web programming and design, creative works such as graphic design and bookkeeping.

There are 53 million people doing freelance work in the USA and that is 34% of the national workforce. Around 14,3 million are people who have full-time jobs but also perform freelancer tasks when time allows it (moonlighters) and another 9,3 million people who do freelancing in combination with part-time jobs.

80% of non-freelancers say they would be willing to do work outside their primary job to make more money. Earning extra money and schedule flexibility are the top drivers of freelancing. 69% of freelancers said technology has made it easier to find freelance work. 77% of freelancers say the best days are yet ahead for freelancing. 65% said freelancing as a career path is more respected today than it was three years ago. 36% of moonlighters who have a primary job have thought about quitting working completely independently.

By 2020 it is estimated that over 40% of the workforce available in America will be pursuing independent work.

There are a lot advantages of freelancing. Everyone can start even today. As long as person already knows the skill which plan to offer, getting started is simply a matter of finding the first client. This job is easy to start. It is possible right now, using network to find a client.

Also, it is affordable because everyone has the ability to provide the service with equipment or software they already has. Eventually there are possibilities to invest in business building tools, such as a website, but using LinkedIn (which is free) is a great online resume that can help for promoting service.

There is a high demand for help. While the marketplace of freelancers is competitive, the need for quality, reliable freelancers is growing. These days many businesses do not have employees and instead have a team of freelancers.

The good thing is choosing your own schedule. Work when and where you want and choose clients is absolutely great. While in the beginning freelancer may take any client that will hire them, as person grows they can choose not to take on difficult clients.

There are some disadvantages to freelancing too, including effort to build a steady clientele and getting enough clients to make freelancing something that supports freelancer. Also, work sometimes can be irregular, plus you need to plan for lean times and be ready to work hard to deliver work on-time when work is plentiful. Managing multiple clients and projects can be a challenge and pay may be low to start out because many people expect to pay less for work from a new freelancer. Breaking in with lower costs may be needed, but as quickly as possible seek to charge what you're worth and find clients willing to pay for quality.

Getting started as a freelancer is pretty easy. You just need to visit one of the freelance sites to find work, and networking with your current sphere of influence to find your first client.

Firstly, you should decide what you will offer, including writing, web design, graphic design, photography, marketing, social media management, bookkeeping and more. Then you need to determine your target market. Decide if you are specialized within a specific niche of your service or within a specific market. Create an online portfolio. Start at LinkedIn, a social network all about career networking. Build a profile that promotes the benefits you have to offer. Consider setting up a website too. You should set your prices. Make sure you charge enough to cover your overhead, time to do the work, as well as to earn a living.

Start reaching out to find clients. Consider using a freelance site such as or up work to find work. While they pay less than you want, it can be a great way to get experience and referrals.

Freelancing is a fast and affordable way to get started working as your own boss from home. With that said success comes from those who plan their business and deliver high quality work.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Look how people communicate non-verbally and find out who they are

Non-verbal communication is a language as any other. It is a form of communicating with other people and it is used to carry your message to those around you. Sometimes we send the message intentionally, but sometimes the message is from the unconscious mind and automatic. Non-verbal communication is based mostly on visual cues and it is the oldest form of communication known to man.

Non-verbal communication can be divided into four categories:

1..Aesthetic occurs through creative expression and include all the arts: music, dance, theatre, crafts, art, painting, and sculpture.
2..Physical communication covers the personal kind of communication and includes a smile or frown, wink, touch, smell, salute, gesture and other bodily movements.
3..Signs are a more mechanical kind of nonverbal communication, which includes signal flags or lights, a display of airplanes in formation, horns, and sirens.  
4..Symbols are used for religious or personal status reasons, as well as to build self esteem.  This includes all things which represent social status, financial means, influence, or religion (jewellery, cars, clothing etc).   

Today, non-verbal communication plays an important role in the workplace, particularly when you are dealing with the public. Nonverbal cues tell a speaker whether you are listening to him and are you interested in what they have to say. In modern world it is essential using non-verbal communication skills in the workplace, because it can help finding a proper way to interact with either employees or clients.

Physical communication is the most used form of non-verbal communication.  A person that is aware of another’s nonverbal cues will understand that person better. For example, the way you are standing and your position in a group of people can communicate. The amount of distance between you and another person will be interpreted a certain way, and the meaning will change according to the culture and it can mean either an attraction, or can signal intensity. Also, any actual touching can convey attraction or a level of intimacy. Examples of non-verbal communication of this type include shaking hands, patting the back, hugging, pushing, or other kinds of touch.

Other forms of non verbal communication are facial expressions, gestures, and eye contact.  When someone is talking, they notice changes in facial expressions, including raising eyebrows, yawning, sneering, rolling your eyes, gaping, and nodding. The meaning of these movements is pretty much the same in all cultures.

Covering mouth with hand indicates that even though the person is talking, there is something they wish to not say. If the person suddenly open eyes widely, this may indicate the individual has perceived a sudden threat and is looking for an escape route. If a listener is rolling her eyes, has a bored expression or seems glazed over, these are blatant cues that the listener is not actually listening or does not care about the speaker has to say. Make eye contact during conversations and take care that your facial expression is one of alertness and caring.

If it is about body language, if the person crosses their arms over the chest, it signifies disagreement. Fidgeting while listening also imparts cues that you are not interested in what is going on. Keeping still while listening may not be easy, but it lets the speaker know that you care about what they are saying. If person turns feet away or toward the door, this indicates the person would like to leave. In the other hand, moving away or leaning back usually indicates the person feels threatened and is putting distance between him or her and the perceived threat.

But, body positioning is subtly different from actual body movements. For example, even if you are sitting perfectly still but are leaning backwards, this gives the impression of disinterest or even downright disagreement. Inclining towards your listeners or the person who is speaking to you gives them the impression that you are engaged in the conversation. When people don't get along, they may give off subtle cues in their body positioning by turning slightly away, giving the impression that they want to leave the conversation. Open and engaged body positioning is important in a conversation.

Today is very important to recognize subtle signs in someone’s behavior, especially if it is about an important client or associates at work. It is essential to establish eye contact when speaking to others. When you make direct eye contact, it shows the others that you are interested in what they are saying and in the same time you tell them that you are confident in what you are presenting. Making direct eye contact provides others with the comfort needed to communicate with you in return. If you are smiling when talking to someone, there will be created an atmosphere with warmth and friendliness, allowing others to feel comfortable.

Also, pay attention to your proximity to others. The amount of physical space given can convey many emotions. For example, a person who is behaving aggressively is probably standing very close to the other person.

And the end, tone of voice and the sounds people make can communicate their thoughts to others without they even speaking. If someone receives directions from a manager and immediately grunt, they are showing to manager disagreement with what he said. Tone or sounds can inform people of anger, frustration or sarcasm.

In contemporary society, non-verbal communication is gaining an increasing importance as it can discover what a person does not want to say. And often it can be important key in making deals or making a difference between successful and unsuccessful business cooperation.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Ugly beach on Santorini island

Oia on Santorini island is a place for the rich people. For those who will give unrealistically lots of money for lodging and lunch, private pool and sunset view with a glass of champagne in their hand.

And that is all.

Almost no one goes swimming in the sea here. There are two beaches. You have to have car or motorbike to go there. Otherwise, you are condemned to walk a few kilometers through a terrible dirty desert and be exposed to an awful heat because there are no plants on this side of Santorini. Nothing except dirt and a naked stone.

After you come to the end of the road, you need to walk horrible path more than ten minutes. There you can realize what a volcano is actually - a synonym for a thousand shades of black and dirt.

The beach is a dirty, dusty slab of stone around 20 - 30 meters long. There is no access to the sea except over one slippery rock. If you are disabled or older person, you cannot reach the water at all. Plus, the wind is constantly blowing, the water is cold, and I have always had the impression of swimming backward because of strong water current.

Millions of people dream about this Greek island. I was there. It is not worth of dreaming.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Пут у Грчку Нo25..Камари..парче Санторинија за просечан свет

Камари никада нећете видети на сликама којима се рекламира Санторини. 
Вероватно због тога што би могао да представи острво као обично место за просечне туристе, што није у плану маговима маркетинга који су створили мистичну слику места на земљи где сунце залази на најлепши начин на целој планети..

Реч је о класичном приморском сеоцету са чистим морем које запљускује црну плажу. На први поглед. Проблем је што ово место личи на нормалну плажу само са копна. Чим уђете у воду, постане јасно зашто свуда постоје табле које упозоравају да у воду улазите на сопствену одговорност и да пазите да не сломијете ноге при уласку у море..
Наиме, становници острва су се баш потрудили да среде и наспу плажу, али практично ништа не могу да учине са клизавим вулканским стенама које вас дочекају чим уђете у воду..
То би био заправо одговор на питање које ми се све време мотало по глави..због чега се на самој обали мора налазе мини базени у којима се људи брчкају иако им је море на дохват руке..
Постоји и део плаже на коме можете видети и покоје спарушено дрво, а улаз у море је за нијансу гостољубивији, али је сваки део те плаже у власништву кафића испод кога се налази, тако да ћете ту бити осуђени на плаћање пића да бисте добили лежаљку и сунцобран..
Грци су много забрљали ове године. На Санторинију, као на јако мало места на планети, сезона траје минимум 8,5 месеци и практично је немогуће пронаћи место за спавање у том периоду. Али, већ данима гледам полупразне плаже и ресторане који зврје празни. Кажу најстарији становници острва да никада није било оволико лоше..
А сада, крајем јула и у пуној сезони, туриста има видљиво мање него што би се очекивало. Помислио би човек да је разлог чињеница да вам је потребно минимум 10.50е за обичан гирос..да не помињем ђаконије од морских плодова који само овде вреде по 50е по порцији. За просечан ручак свакако не можете одвојити мање од 30е по порцији (цене у Ији нисам ни узела у обзир, да вас не убедачим превише).. 
Но, нико није вољан да попусти. Уместо да нађу разумну меру, продавци у радњама сав бес искаљују на уличним уметницима у толикој мери да су ове године малтене протерани. Они, који чине душу сваког туристичког места, у Грчкој више нису добродошли. Некако је испало да су људи, који годинама долазе овде да проведу лето и да уз то зараде нешто од свог талента, сада постали главни проблем за државу. До те мере да су им увели фискалне касе..
Ипак, зла крв која увек прати мањак новца, не може да реши основни проблем..чињеницу да је број туриста преполовљен и да се не назире решење. А без туриста, Грчка је у озбиљном проблему, без обзира на велики извоз маслиновог уља и вина. Јер, копнени део земље већ увелико плаћа цех лоше политике, а незапосленост убија онај познати позитивни грчки дух..
Од оних који долазе са намером да летују за ситне паре и да се хране конзервама које понесу од куће, ова земља не може да живи..
А на острво какво је Санторини, такви ионако не долазе..